Micro-drip installation for hanging basket flower pots:

Everyone loves hanging flower baskets or planters, but it's not so easy having to water them often, standing on ladders or when you leave for that summer vacation, no one's there to water them.  Micro-Drip can easily be installed  on its own zone. The tubing is easily hidden with flow controls for each emitter to shut off areas that don't have pots or planters.By being on their own zone the water is regulated to water the baskets without the baskets being over watered and dripping.

Drip systems for foundation plantings

Landscape designers and reputable landscape contractors know that getting water to the roots of the shrubs and flowers is more healthy for plants. Spray heads usually put out too much water at a high pressure which can do more harm than good for delicate shrubs and plants. Drip irrigation feeds the roots with water, there is no damage to homes from over spraying, and importantly, drip irrigation saves water and money. Existing spray head zones can easily be fitted into drip.

Expansion of existing sprinkler and irrigation systems 

Now that the new addition is on the house, or that dream deck and pool has been installed, it's time to think about expanding your irrigation system to cover those new lawn areas. Expansions are typically easy to do. Normally we just tie into the existing main line and wire, add a new valve box and run extra zones. If a controller needs to be upgraded, it can be done at the same time, or Rain sensor can easily be added to the system to keep the system from running on rainy days.

In-season service work 

No one can predict when you may need to replace a part on your lawn sprinkler or irrigation system. However, you can count on fast, professional and "On-Time" repairs with Atlantic Lawn Irrigation.


System Winterizing

Don't get left out in the cold and have costly repairs in the spring! Atlantic Lawn Irrigation warranties all out winterizations.



Spring Start-ups

Every irrigation system should have a "Tune Up" to help make the system as efficient as possible, trouble shoot any problems or fix any unreported problems. When a spring start up is conducted, we run through all the zones, check for proper sprinkler head adjustment, check for any leaks or broken sprinklers from snow plows or snow blowers. We check the valve boxes for any leaks or problems, and  set the controller to a spring watering schedule.